Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Initiation of the VEEA Club

The VEEA Club ie. Vivekananda Electrical Engineers Association Club was initiated on the 5th of October keeping in mind the changing trends of technology . The club has been initiated with the motive of fostering and imparting knowledge along with developing one's own skills.
The working of the club is targeted towards innovation .It's a place where u just not only learn but also teach ,a place where you innovate , where innovation is acknowledged.
The meeting started with the Chief Co-ordinator's Speech : Mr.Kuldeep Saini.
A senior lecturer in the EE Dept.of VIT Jaipur needs no introduction.It is he who initiated with the idea and others followed and today i'm proud to announce that the VEEA Club is the biggest club in the VIT Campus with a membership of 190+.
He has been a real guide, a mentor, an inspiration behind the existence of the club.At around 12.30 pm a meeting was organized in the seminar hall whereby al the members were introduced to the club along with the activities that would be held in the club.
Mr.Deepesh also provided a motivational speech inspiring the students.
Mr.Manish Verma also gave tips to the students about excelling in life.He emphasised on innovation which is what the club is all about "INNOVATION".
Welcoming the members of the club was followed by distributing soft-drinks.
Looking at the zeal, passion & enthusiasm of the students the future of the club seems very bright....

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